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Aerial Yoga

Wednesday 9h30

Time to fly ! Beginning with a series of movements in an aerial hammock, aerial yoga engages the core while stretching the muscles and stimulating the myofascia. The poses remain light on the hands and knees adapting to all levels. You’ll leave feeling aligned, toned, and refreshed !
Perfect if you want to challenge yourself while having fun.

If you want to try it don’t hesitate to join our Discovering aerial yoga workshop !

Maximum 5 yogis. One hour class.

Fare : 10€/ lesson

Healthy Yoga

Monday 9h30

Your Healthy yoga class focuses on alignment and breathing.
This flow is a calm yoga class based on gentle stretching, we can remain on the mat for the duration of the class. The poses are held for longer than in a Vinyasa class allowing the muscles to relax into the stretch. The class is aided by the use of bolsters, straps, and blocks to facilitate movement. Here you will discover yoga, make peace with your body, stretch your muscles, get rid of the tensions and free your mind.
From beginners to advance yogis.
One hour and a half class with a maximum of 8 yogis.
Fare : 10€/lesson

Power Yoga

Tuesday 9h30

Based on a series of dynamic movements, your power yoga class leaves creativity to the teacher. The series change weekly introducing fundamentals such as sun salutations while working towards more advanced poses, with breathing technics and meditation. It’s a class that is challenging for an advanced yogi yet accessible to beginners. If you have questions about your level, don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Reinforce your body, develop your core, while respecting your back and joints.
One hour and a half class with a maximum of 8 yogis.
Fare : 10€/lesson

Yoga classes with certified teacher

We decided to settle here because this place is full of authenticity, quietness and well being.


All our senses are awaken : you can feel the warmness of the sun on your skin, the sea breeze that cuddles your face, you can deep breath this pure air mixed with smells of pines, rosemary and sea smell, listen to the hipnotic sound of the waves and the cigadas ... it's a place where you feel alive and connected to nature.


Practicing yoga helps to become aware of your body, to breath better, in one word, to free yourself.

We choose to propose you a practice that fits everyone, with no esoterism thoughts and no complicated words.


Our yoga classes focus on breath and on a flow of poses that help to get rid of tensions while taking care of sensible areas such as back, neck and joints. Our method is based on anatomy and respect of the whole body. Alexandra your teacher has been certified  by kinesitherapeute Olivier Fernandes (, by Dr De Gasquet ( and by Florie Ravinet (

Yoga is a journey through who you really are

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