Take a break and boost your skills

Boost your energy & your skills


Improve yourself and change your daily routine for a better one. You'll learn with us how to get healthier and stronger, in your body and in your mind.

All our trainings are available in English, Portuguese and French.


Our next Workshops

8th of June 2023


Refresh, Restore, Re-Energize…

Energy matters most. Without adequate energy, everything else lags: health; pleasure; and relationships.  Come away from the Energy Boosting Training Day with a full toolkit of easy to implement practices that will leave you feeling vital and full of health every day.


> The easiest and most effective way to support your bodies natural detoxing practice to set you up for excellent health and boundless energy.


> Love Your Liver Seminar which explains how your liver functions, what to do to support it, and why it rules not only your health but your energy, weight, and happiness.


> Cooking for energy workshop where we show you how to make energy enchancing food that actually tastes great.


> 100% accesible do-anywhere yoga and body mechanics to restore energy to your body, and improve your mobility and health.


> Easy and quick energy boosting mini practices and individualized at home energy boosting plans so you can take charge of your own energy and health at home.

Who ?

Alexandra Zoppa

Alex lives on the Algarve in a wildlife sanctuary that her and her husband built with love from the ground up. She is a body structure & function expert who trained with physiotherapists and doctors for her many Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as other energy and health modalities making her THE person to see if you want to improve the functioning of your body and your health.

Michelle Clarke

Michelle is orginally from New Zealand and now resides here on the Algarve in Portugal. She completed body therapies training and nutrition training in the early 1990s and now empowers people to take charge of their own health and energy through online coaching and in person workshops and retreats.  Michelle has been eating plant-based for 5+ years and is an expert on liver function, plant based nutritiuon and detox practices.


Where ?

A Luxury retreat in front of the sea

Luxury facilties

Pirate Deluxe is a brand new Quinta built on the ruins of a traditional portuguese farm.

You'll find here a pool, bathrooms, a parking, an outdoor dining room, a pool bar, an aerial yoga structure an a lot of terraces with a crazy view on the laguna.

In a wildlife sanctuary

Pirate Deluxe is located in the Ria Formosa, on 7 hectares of unspoiled landscape. We've created here a sanctuary for birds and rescued horses.

You'll enjoy the view on the Ria Formosa surrounded by horses, herons, storks...

A 5 senses experience

In Pirate Deluxe, all you can hear is the sounds of the waves and the breeze.

It's the perfect place to have a break, relax and reconnect to nature.

In front of the sea

In front of the sea, but yet easily accessible by train (Livramento Station, 5mn walking distance) and by bus.

We also have a private parking if you decide to come by car.

Infos & Bookings


Any questions, we will be happy to answer you; We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Phone: +351 925 477 997

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