Lessons with Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher

We decided to settle here because this place is full of authenticity, quietness and well being.


All our senses are awaken : you can feel the warmness of the sun on your skin, the sea breeze that cuddles your face, you can deep breath this pure air mixed with smells of pines, rosemary and sea smell, listen to the hipnotic sound of the waves and the cigadas ... it's a place where you feel alive and connected to nature.


Practicing yoga helps to become aware of your body, to breath better, in one word, to free yourself.

We choose to propose you a practice that fits everyone, with no esoterism thoughts and no complicated words.


Our yoga lessons are focused on breathing and on a flow of poses that help to get rid of tensions while taking care of sensible areas such as back, neck and joints. Our method is the famous kinesitherapeute Olivier Fernandes's one (creator of Yoga Style :

Lessons :

Power Yoga Style basic : the perfect one to discover Yoga, a bit physical but adapted for everyone. A real PE lesson that is totaly respecting your body.


Yin Yoga Style : Dedicated in clearing tensions, especialy in the back and hips areas. Based on a flow of short sequences / of few static poses that are maintained 5 to 10 minutes in order to stretch deeply muscles and facias.

Suitable for everyone, even for pregnant women.


Kundalini : Focus on breathing, for a deep relaxation (detente), and to get rid of stress. Suitable for everybody, especialy people who wants to focus more on (detente) than PE.



While we are waiting for the opening of a dedicated place in front of the sea in Pirate Deluxe, our instructor Alexandra (Certified Yoga Alliance) is available for private lessons at home.